• For more than 30 years, Catalyst Consulting has worked with Silicon Valley-based companies, government agencies, and nonprofits to address the hard and soft skills required from leaders in today’s complex world.

    We exist to help companies succeed in their strategic goals and to make a positive impact with their customers, employees and society.

    We offer strategic facilitation, leadership training, and executive coaching that improves the quality of human interaction, teamwork and decision making.

    Companies who choose to use leadership as a competitive advantage see their people development investment as a central strategy for their future. While our clients intend to make a difference in the world, they often face challenges in achieving their aspirations:

    • adapting to accelerating changes in technology, markets and globalization
    • creating a work culture that matches the shifts in employees' values
    • making informed decisions on high potential ideas and fully vetting the value
    • implementing innovative strategies that require changes in mindsets and behaviors

    We believe that the essence of leadership is to create productive relationships and teams. Our focus is on the fundamentals: improving how people think, feel, speak, listen and interact. We know that with good data and sound decision processes, people make better, more informed decisions. We partner, relate, and engage to enable teams to act on their commitments. Catalyst draws on a rich set of tools and practices from the cognitive and emotional sciences with deeply rooted practices from organizational learning disciplines. 

    Our services include:

    • Strategic Alignment for Management Teams

    • Leadership and Executive Development and Training 

    • Executive Coaching

    • Management Team Offsites

    • Experiential Learning Designs

    • Feedback Systems for Learning


    A Whole Systems Approach

    Companies need to change and grow with the times, and leaders need to develop with them. Designing effective approaches for leadership development involves both the individual and the collective. Successful change also involves adapting values and mental models, and external behaviors. Applying a whole systems framework provides a holistic approach to successful interventions. This involves:

    • individuals' mindsets–how people think and feel
    • leaders' behavior–what they say and do
    • the collective culture and values, systems and processes
    • how each of these dimensions interconnect to support the company’s success

    We partner with our clients to identify their optimal solution, which may involve hands-on work, experiential simulations and action learning approaches. We want our clients to avoid a “one size fits all” approach. Our team is adept with a full spectrum of tools and practices, including 360-degree feedback, diagnostic assessments, consultative observations and qualitative analysis.  We provide an independent perspective of the mindsets, behaviors, culture and systems of your organization.

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